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  • Communicating brand messages in detail

    Brand messages do not travel by packaging and advertising alone. There are dimensions to a product like Scotch whisky, for instance, that can only be expressed via other more extended forms of communication. One effective tactic is a standard brand presentation kit that any representative in any market region can use to deliver an in-depth presentation of the product, and drive home the key brand messages. Nash Design produced a number of these Product Education Packs for key brands in Chivas Brothers Scotch whisky portfolio. The Product Education Pack for the Chivas Regal 12 brand included actual samples of key ingredients for the audience to touch and smell. The four bottles contain samples of peated and unpeated malt samples of the raw spirit that each type of malt produces. A similar Product Education Pack for Chivas Regal 18 brand was also created. The kit included a complete background briefing manual for the ‘brand ambassadors’ who represent the brand around the world.

  • Product education for a VIP audience

    The Chivas Regal Academy is an annual programme of exclusive visits to Scotland for selected trade guests from around the world. Nash Design devised, wrote and designed the new delegate pack that was first introduced for Academy programme. Main item was the Course Handbook based on a ring-bound set of event cards, which the organisers collate to fit the particular content of each Academy. We also wrote and designed a detailed background briefing book covering every technical, historical and cultural dimension of Scotch whisky production, and a Brand Book which presents the definitive positioning descriptions for each brand in Chivas Brothers Scotch whisky portfolio. The following year saw a repositioning of the name Chivas Brothers as the master brand for premium and super-premium Scotch whiskies. The Academy was accordingly re-branded as The Chivas Brothers Academy, and a new graphic style was developed and applied across all of the delegate material.

  • Communicating corporate heritage

    Chivas Brother’s Heritage Programme was a multi-million pound investment to create a range of top-quality visitor attractions at its Scotch whisky distilleries. The aim was to provide physical and spiritual homes for its brands and hospitality for visitors. It was my task to communicate this programme, starting with the design of the identity and the launch material for Phase One which was the newly refurbished Strathisla distillery, the group’s flagship. One of the jewel’s in Chivas Brother’s Scotch whisky portfolio is The Glenlivet and its famous distillery, the first Highland distillery to be granted a licence in 1824. So for the event that marked the completion of renovations, We designed a press pack based on the local newspaper as it might have appeared on the historic date, with appropriate news articles written in the style of the time. We carried the period theme through into handwritten invitations, menus, etc for the celebration event.

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