Gara Rock Resort

  • Gara Rock Resort

    Families have been coming to Gara Rock for their holidays for over a hundred years: it’s a place of special memories.

    Today a curve of individual luxury holiday properties has replaced the old hotel. Which looks out to sea just as the 19th century coastguards did from their clifftop perch.

    This is a new era in the Gara Rock story: and with the upgrading the facilities and services, the new owners have created a secluded, relaxed atmosphere.

    We designed a new brand identity, using pebbles from the Gara Rock beach to create a lower case ‘g’ icon. We developed this brand theme through to the new restaurant and café.

    Our brochure exudes calm charm, written by Sarah Butler (Loose Leaf Productions) and printed by David May (Empress Litho), with special threaded spine.

    We designed the website to follow the look and feel of the brochure, presenting as many beautiful images as possible, our programmer was James Elliott (James Elliott Creative).

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    Brand identity
    Guest Pack
    Website (no longer live, as Gara was sold end of 2017 – least our branding did the job!)