Royal Blackheath Golf Club

  • Royal Blackheath Golf Club

    In 2008, the Royal Blackheath Golf Club celebrated the 400th anniversary of its institution. To mark that momentous date in the Club’s long and distinguished history a new history book and supporting collateral were designed and produced.

    A special one-off brand identity logo was created for this special occasion. The logo design featured a much simplified icon of the famous William Innes stance – one of the Club’s most famous characters, whose portrait can be seen hanging in most reputable golf clubs and hotels throughout the world.

  • Re-establishing the Royal Blackheath brand

    Royal Blackheath has a unique heritage and standing in the world of golf. In 2012, the Club’s General Committee felt that this was not adequately communicated by its current branding. The Club set itself the task to redress this problem and to re-establish Royal Blackheath with its own clear set of values, personality, style and visual identity. John Nash (a club member) was asked to redesign the Club’s two-oval crest element – this being the key ingredient of the Club’s visual identity.

    Royal Blackheath Golf Club

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